"Building a Better Community"
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Current Status

As of 2002, the organization became semi dormant, replaced by the SuperNeighborhood Organization, but the framework remains in place if needed and there are selected portions of it still functioning, such as the presentation of current Crime Stats on a weekly basis.

Mission Statement

Spring Branch Coalition (SBC) is a grass roots organization created to be a resource for Spring Branch homeowners and civic associations in their efforts to improve and maintain the integrity and condition of their homes, streets, schools and neighborhoods.


SBC's "resources," consist of an e-mail communication network and website, members experience, expertise, and contacts, all of which may be utilized by any or all homeowners and civic associations regarding positive endeavors in Spring Branch.

SBC does not claim to represent the opinions of homeowners or civic associations in Spring Branch. SBC can and will, however, generate and organize opposition to or support of specific projects or issues by utilizing its "resources." Projects may include but are not limited to: promoting communication among civic associations, assisting civic associations with deed restrictions and enforcement, assisting HPD's DRT program, small to medium scale neighborhood clean up projects, and specific enhancement projects and objectives.

Membership is open to any Spring Branch resident homeowner and civic association representatives. Civic association representatives are requested to become communication distribution focal points to involve and inform the residents of their respective civic associations and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Spring Branch Coalition will continue to grow and change in the future. As it does, its purpose and therefore its Mission Statement will evolve as needed.