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Updated: August 2008

Following information was current about 2001.

Officers: (At 08-08 awaiting current list)
President - Jeff Harris

EVP - 
VP -

Secretary -
Assist. Sec. - 

Interim Treasurer -
City Liaison -

Former Stakeholders & Delegates: (At 08-08 awaiting current list)
Gessner Woods Civic Assoc. -
Joanne K Craig, Alt. - Charles E. Craig
Pine Village Civic Club -
Marty Wheeler, Alt. - John Kimbrough
Rollingwood Civic Assoc. -
Ed Browne, Alt. - Sharon,
Royal Oaks Civic Assoc. -

Royal Spring Civic Assoc. Richard Wilshusen-
Alt. -
Barbara Chiappetta,
Shadow Oaks Civic Assoc. -
Tim Joseph, Alt. - Anne Boland
Sherwood Oaks Committee -
John Havey, Alt. - Harry Nicholls
Spring Branch Civic Assoc. -________________,
Alt. -
Christine Harris,
Springwoods Civic Assoc. - ________________ ,
Alt. - Mary Hirscher
Timber Oaks Civic Assoc. -
Alice Blackburn, Alt. - Tomislav Gracanin
Victorian Village Townhouse I -
Dee Varnadore, Alt. - none
Wrenwood Civic Assoc. -
John Little, Alt. - none

HWCC Spring Branch Division
- _____, Alt. - _____
Faith Based - St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church -
Father Michael Carmody, Alt. - Herbert Hirscher
Other Business - none,
Alt. - none
SBISD - none,
Alt. - none

Interim Non-voting Stakeholders & Delegates
Shadow Wood Civic Assoc. "Open",
Alt. - Fonda Blair
HPD DRT Representatives - Officers attending vary

Other Persons of Interest:
Past President - Ray Shasteen
Past President - Ron Height (Moved to California)
Past President - Brenda Stardig

Potential Other Stakeholders:
Hollister Place Townhome Assoc.
Linden Lea/Youpon Estates
Oak Tree Townhomes
Pine Shadows Civic Assoc.
Shadowdale Townhouse Assoc.
Spring Branch Valley Civic Club
Spring Lake Assoc.
Spring Meadows Property
Spring Oaks Civic Assoc.
Spring Point HOA
Springrock Civic Assn.

Westwick Homeowners Assoc.
Wilcrest Walk Townhomes Assoc.
Willow Walk Townhouse Assn.
Woodvine Park Condominiums

Korean American Association
MetroNational (Apt. Mgt.) -
PIP (Positive Interaction Program)
Rockwell Management (Apt. Mgt.)


Historical Information Follows:

- Agendas - Minutes - Forms - Delegate Form Letter
Original "City" Bylaws - Original Actions Taken to Form Originally -
- May 2000 SNAP - FIRST CITY SNAP from May 8, 2001 SNAP -
City-wide Super Neighborhood Map -Founding Ceremony Picture -
City Resource Assessment (includes detail map, large file) -
Corporate Bylaws (In .pdf) - Corporate Articles (In .pdf) -
IRS exemption Letter - IRS Disclosure & Substantiation Requirements -
- Texas State Letter/Form Regarding Exemption from Paying Sales Tax -
Approved Contribution Thank You Form (Print, sign & Give as Receipt) -
Fundraising Brochure (In .pdf) -

Old Projects: Knob Hill Park Gessner Esplanade Adoption Long Point Redevelopment